At Work

Girder CSS Preview

Girder CSS Grid

Aurhor, Design and Sass. Github project (Open Source) Visit
Scott Kelby Blog Preview

Photoshop Insider Blog

Visual, UX Design & Development (Photos By Scott Kelby) Visit
Google Plus Photographers Conference Preview

G+ Photographer's Conference

Role: Lead Designer, UX & Development Sample
Candidate Project Preview

Candidate Project (Responsive Prototypes w/ Lisa M.) Sample
Kelby Training Online Preview

Kelby Training Online

Wireframes, UI and User Experience (Principal Designer) Visit
Good App Design Preview

App Design Gallery

Re-designing (Currently in development) Visit

The Story

This site is both my workplace and my playground. As a designer and a Web developer I've helped build online products of all shapes and sizes. I'm always curious about how we experience the world and enjoy learning new things... These are the tools I currently use the most:

Photoshop Sublime Text HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript Sass PHP Wordpress Wireframes Illustrator Axure Frameworks

My interests include:

Interface Design, User Experience (UX & UXD), Human-Computer Interaction, Information Architecture, Network Technologies, Cloud Computing and Language. I communicate in two languages, English and Spanish; I like to tinker with JavaScript, PHP, Sass and others.

At Play

  1. da' drums!
    fun & sun